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For the Raab family, family healthcare is their skill and profession, but their passion and mission goes far beyond that.


      With a loyal adoration for Ocean City, this dedicated family of doctors serves more as guardians of their island, where helping people has always come natural.


      In fact, it is where their life started and continues  to this day. Born and raised in Ocean City, Dr. Richard Raab's five children grew up together and decided to follow in their father's footsteps into dentistry and medical fields. Raab's original office was on 8th and Central but during the 1970's when he knew his children were taking on his career path for themselves, he built their current office at 6th and West.


      What makes Jerry, Gary, Diane, Scott and Mark Raab such unique siblings is that they're all still together; friends that work with each other, live within a few blocks of one another, vacation together, and collectively take pride in their work and their island.


      "My dad taught us a great work ethic and my mom, she was over the top great and always wanted for us to stay together and that's what we have accomplished," said Diane (Raab) Stone Who has been working at her families dentist office for the last 28 years now. Her Mother; Dorothy Raab, or as she was known as"Gubby" kept the family close knit and would have loved if her kids had all stayed in their house that they grew up in.


      Scott Raab runs the dental lab which is next door and attached to thier office, making their practice distinctive to have an on-site lab for customizing services like crowns and dentures. Each Family member appears to use their individualized skills to play an imperative role in the overall mission. The dental office does dental care for Horizon Mercy and donated dental care for seniors. During Hurricane Katrina, Jerry and Mark were compelled to go to Louisiana to provide free dental assistance to the victims in need.


      After going off to college and getting their degrees, the Raab's were drawn back to their island because they couldn't imagine living anywhere else.


      Aside from their love of surfing, paddle boarding and fishing on their family boat "The Sweet Tooth" the Raab family's favorite part of living and working in Ocean City is the people and the small town feel of running into friends and patients all over the island.


      "To us, patients are our family" said Diane who has enjoyed watching and being a part of the life of their patients, "Personalized service is what we love. People who come in here are always going to see us, not somebody they don't know."


      For the Raab's, the people of Ocean City are family that they feel a need to take care of them; and it doesn't end at healthcare.

This is an excerpt from an article written by Josh Kinney for the Ocean City Sun, December 2012

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